I am sorry!  The most difficult part about painting and decorating a walking stick is the ability to take detailed but whole pictures!  I hope there is enough detail here for you but if not, please contact me and I will take more.
The story of the sticks:
I bought MANY wooden walking sticks form a charity shop and I sanitised them. (And later added new ferrules. - The rubber stopper on the end of the stick).
I next sanded down the stick and then began the decorating process. I painted entirely with artist's acrylic paint and when dry I gave it 2 coats of yacht varnish. It shines!
This stick I have named Panacea - she was the Goddess of Healing. She has both natural  silk and coconut wool ribbons and ties and on top of this I have sewn in glass beads.  On top of this I have created a Polymer Clay Goddess Face with healing detail.
The stick's motifs contain healing details for many different cultures.
Nothing on this stick is 'by chance', it is all planned with healing in mind.


Panacea is a UK sale only.  Please contact me if you are overseas and I will work out a shipping price for you.


I would like to take orders for customised sticks so where possible (my abilities may be put to the test here!), I would love to create a stick for you.  Just ask away.


Thank you for looking.

Decorated Walking Aid - Panacea