There is no gender assigned to this one of a kind Spirit Doll, for the universe is talking specifically to you.

Let me tell you how I created it.  👉👉


👉👉 I painted a face and the took a picture and then had this image professionally printed onto a soft jersey fabric.


I then cut out the face and I padded out it onto a flat surface so it has depth - it's not flat. From here I added beads around the edges until I felt happy with the colour scheme.


I then added so much fringing! I beaded felt balls with tiny seqins and the smallest of glass beads and I added a host of other beads to exemplify all the wonderful colours of the universe.


The Spirit Doll will hang on your wall from a black and white ribbon which is securely held by a brass loop on the back.


Size = Excluding the ribbon, 7" long and 3 1/2" wide.  Including the ribbon, 10".


Free shipping to the UK.


Gender Fluid Spirit Doll Wall Hanging

  • Free to the UK.

    All other destinations £6.00