I have made such a delightful fairy story book for you to make up stories and tell to your babies.


The front and back covers are made from textured Polymer Clay and the accordian style pages are an interfused fabric which I have painted on. 


The size of the book closed is just over 3" long x 2" wide.  When open the length is 11 1/2".



This book is for YOU, the adult.  It is for you to show and to read imaginary stories to your little one.  I have decorated this book with tiny glass crystals and glittter so you must not leave the book for your little one to play with unattended.  We all kow babies put anything and everything in their mouths and they will swallow the decorations here if they did this.  Please mum or dad, this book is for you and baby to enjoy the story telling process, together.  Never leave baby alone with it.  

Thank you xx


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My Fairy Story Book

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