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About Susan

I qualified as a nanny in Tunbridge Wells in Kent back in 1973 and from here my background was in child care and nursing. 


However, my interests turned to the arts and creating from about 1980 and this has been my passion ever since. 

I have diplomas in art, media and design and I have certificates and diplomas in art history and religious art and I also have a post graduate certificate in religious art.  I have also studied silversmithing.  I'm a self taught jewellery artist and I enjoy making items from fabric and beaded cabochons and even buttons and odd threads of fleece and mixed wool fibres.   My passion therefore is in mixed media so I also love creating pictures and books using paints, paper, fabric, cabochons, beads, sterling silver and silver & gold leaf and even shards of glass!

In 2011 I became a domestic abuse support worker and this subject matter appears in my work also.  When my domestic abuse art is sold I give a percentage to the charity.


All the above is my "timeline" of my past but for some years now my time is spent only creating.  I don't know why I focus more on the spiritual side of creating my art but it's most certainly the part that gives me the most pleasure and personal satisfaction. 

When I made my art books, (where I have hand created each page but there are many pages for you to add your thoughts and feelings etc), I know I lost time and I would often work well into the early hours of the morning!

I would look out of my studio room window and see the stars and moon and at this time I feel more connected to the universe and the art. I also have with me a mini dvd player so I play all the old films I have collected over the years.  Also, listening to Mike Oldfield really makes me "get in the zone"! Hopefully that makes sense!

I have many more pictures, hand made books and heavily detailed wall art still to list so do please save me and call back often.

Thank you for your time!

Susan xx


I started up-cycling found objects into art at an early age!

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