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Free bits

Some free Bits For Your Journal Creations. 

Click and Enjoy!

I Am

All of my images on this page are entirely free for your own use - personal or otherwise. Just click on each image.  (You may not sell them as is and "as your own work"). 


If you kindly choose to donate, (button below), please choose your own amount and I will send you my heartfelt thanks! 


I will be adding more free pictures as often as I can so any donations help me to continue this work. 


Again, thank you xx

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Bird and Crown art
Circle art
Circle art
Wallpaper and backgrounds
Patchwork art
Random Color Art

Lots of pages for you to play around with xx

9 images for you to write in the "Blinds"

More Gelli Plate prints for you to use


And Another 6 Gelli Prints


6 More Gelli Prints


Some Gelli Feather Fun Bits!

Under the sea


and Bella


Welcome to the Universe (d)
Welcome to the Universe (b)
Welcome to the Universe (a)
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