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You will receive 50 x16mm silver plate round cinch mount cabochon or coin settings.

These settings are very easy to use.  To help you on your way I made a short film to show you how to apply the cabochons and secure the tops of the settings. Click Here.


It was my intention to add music or a commentary over the film but my sister and I has such a silly time I decided to keep out chat in.  I hope you understand and laugh along lol!


Also available in 20mm and 18mm also 28mm and 30mm.  The necklace you see is an example of what a cabochon looks like in the setting.

50 x 16mm Silver Plate Cinch Mount Cabochon Settings

  • Returns/refunds or exchanges accepted if the item is faulty. Please ensure you understand how these settigns work before buying. Please contact me if you have any problems, I will be very pleased to help you.

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