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Nothing is as it seems when exploring the world of Faux Relics.


This art piece came to me when I was looking at Byzantine art. I wanted to elaborate on the subject matter of religious mosaics and at the same time make it look like a broken piece somehow preserved through the ravages of time.


The fish symbolises Christ and the tile is decorated with glass and polymer clay Lapis Lazuli, real turquoise pieces, simulated (glass) Rhodonite, faux pearls in little crowns and gold leaf for edging. The base is made from papier mache and was painted many times to give depth of aged colour. The papier mache base was also mixed with a little home decor cement to give it some weight.

It measures 8" across by 6" down.

You could stand this against something or you could use those little wall hanging attachments and hang it from a wall in your home. But however you use it, you are enjoying a piece of religious art. 

It really is an original piece of contemporary mixed media art. 


Each piece I make has been hand created by me from my studio in Tunbridge Wells in Kent.


This is a UK (free shipping) only sale however if you are outside of the UK, please contact me for shipping costs to your own country.

Faux Relic with Fish Symbolism

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