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I made this ornamental relic using a vintage tarnished saucer, Polymer Clay, Swarovski stones and a central glass cabochon.

It measures 4 1/4" in diameter.


Why?  I knew you were going to ask that!  I love altering things and when I saw the saucers (there were more than 1), on Ebay, I just had to buy them.  All were old and tarnished and well past their prime but I saw them as rather beautiful.  From here, faux relics were born.  It's an ornament, it's art fun.  Just enjoy my quirky brain ;)


I think the colours are as true as I can make them using my camera but of course, if your monitor is old, maybe the colours won't be perfect.


Shipping = Free to the UK


Faux - Spiritual Saucer Remains

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