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Felicity was born today, (24 January 2019), although she started her life some 2 weeks prior to these pictures being taken.  You may want to rename her but she does respond to Felicity. 

Let me tell you about her.  I know she likes to hang from a notch in a window.  She likes to see the sun, it makes her smile.  She doesn't like the outside, sadly, because if put in the elements her body will slowly disintegrate.  I suspect it's because she's papier mache in origin - with acrylic paint, glass crystals and beads, feathers and netting. 

Felicity is 8" to the top of her rear eyes and 4" wide.  Her legs are made from nails.  Yes!  I know that's weird for a pink bird but she is magic after all.

Her eyes were stunningly made by someone else - hand painted glass beauties.  I was the creator of her eye lashes though - they are golden rays of sun ;)


During her magical construction process she was entirely hand made by me.

I hope you like her. 



FELICITY Mixed Media Pink Phenomenon

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