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This style of bead weaving is known as the FLAT SPIRAL WEAVE and I really enjoy using this method to create jewellery.  Because it's flat it sits upon the wrist or neckline in an unobtrusive manner so the beads and pattern can be the main focal point.

I once had a commission to create a black and white necklace and bracelet using this pattern and I had to get it done in two days.  The customer concerned was visiting her daughter who lives near me and she was to attend a formal function back in her home town 3 days later.  I had therefore just 2 days to get cracking!  The process takes ages and it beads up slowly but it's also a repetitive stitch and very relaxing to do so I started and didn't stop until both items were finished.


While I don't want another 2 day commission I have to say I totally loved the finished items and I know my customer was really happy too.  I wish I had a picture!!!  (I'll see if I can get one!).


The green glass beads measure 8mm and the silver grey glass beads are a fraction smaller measuring 4mm. It measures 8" from clasp to clasp so when closed it will be about 7 1/2".


If you get a tape measure  and measure out these measurements agaianst your wrist you will get a good idea of how this will fit.  I have it on my wrist to see the position and it is a loose fitting and if I shake my wrist it falls gently down to the widest part of my hand.  I am sure you will love it!


This bracelet will come to you delightfully packaged.

Thank you for looking xx


Created by Susan Rose.  Tunbridge Wells, Kent UK.

Free UK shipping.

Green Glass and Silver Grey Woven Beads Bracelet

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