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A reminder for those who follow me, and for those new to my art, I volunteer with the Queen's Award, domestic abuse charity which enables the volunteers to support their clients.


Here I have had printed a copy of the mixed media picture I created about the importance of personal mental and physical survival and distancing oneself from violence and/or emotional abuse.


The original picture has an acrylic painted base with machine sewing and a small Swarovski crystal for decorative embellishment.  This picture is a printed copy without the crystal (otherwise it would not sit in the frame).


Total Size (Including the Frame) = Height 8" x 6".

PICTURE 5 (on the easel) is the original and found here = ORIGINAL

Picture 6 is a mixed media picture I created about freedom from domestic abuse and can be found HERE

Picture 7 is another picture I created from wood, Polymer Clay, typewriter keys and mother of pearl bird beads.


Do you have an idea about a domestic abuse picture I could make for you or your organisation?  I make no promises but if I can, I will ;)



This is the charity I volunteer with

I Need Distance. Domestic abuse Art

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