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Have you noticed that adding black and white to a colour makes the colours 'Pop'?  it's like, 'Hey!  I'm here!  Don't you dare walk past me!'


The balck and white barcode style base is made using 2 different Polymer Clays which I carefully put together and sliced very thinly.  The leaves too are different clays put together to create a huge tube shape which is pulled and pushed and carefully drawn out until it measures the desired shape.  it is then cured in an oven and then sliced to the desired thickness.  


The gorgeous beads of the necklace chain are ceramic and glass interspersed with very pale lemon crystal chips.


The necklace has a drop of 12". 


A unique necklace which will come to you beautifully packaged.


Made by Susan Rose from her studio in Tunbridge Wells, Kent UK.

Leaf Barcode Necklace

  • Returns/refunds or exchanges accepted if the item is faulty.   Please contact me if you have any problems, I will be very pleased to help you.

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